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    Open Source Software Gains Traction 

    Open Source Aboundance

    Open Source Aboundance

    If you’re looking for great software that doesn’t cost anything, you may want to look into open source software.  I’ve been using open source for more than a year and I’ve found some really great programs that help me create posts, images and videos.

    Read below to learn more about open source and how it can benefit you if you’re in the online space.

    Open source software has gained traction in some sectors, but there is still some resistance to adopting the OSS approach in the region. However, costs, total control over the code of open source applications, and more readily available skillsets are leading many organisations in the region to consider taking the open source route.

    While a few major software companies are supporting the open source model, it has mainly been a grass roots movement, and not something that has been openly embraced by all end user organisations. But is opinion changing and acceptance of open source growing?

    According to analysts, yes. Gartner has predicted that by 2015, more than 95% of mainstream IT organisations will leverage open source software (OSS) solutions in their mission critical technology portfolios, up from 75% in 2010.

    Then there’s the demand for OSS expertise. The Linux Job Report, published annually by the Linux Foundation, shows that technology companies are constantly on the look out for skilled OSS developers and engineers.

    Keep reading this article:


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    Content Management Systems Comparison 

    WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal. The three biggest blogging and website creation software packages in the world.  Between the three, they boast hundreds-of-millions satisfied users.

    The loyalty each user feels towards the software can be matched only by Microsoft.

    The infographic below was produced by our friends at the Make a Website Hub.  It’s very well layed out and loaded with enough information to keep you busy for a week.

    If you’re looking for good SEO content post this infographic on your blog.  You may get a couple back links from your readers.

    CMS Comparison – WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal


    Via the team at Make a Website Hub

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    Blue Man Makes his Debut on the White Stage 

    The image below is curated from the cliparts.co website which offers free image downloads for bloggers and webmasters.  The only requirement for the free use of the site’s clipart is to provide attribution to the site.

    You can copy and the paste that’s below the image.  The content on cliparts.co is of good quality so your site won’t look like a five year old handled your art work 🙂


    Blue Man Hard at Work on WordPress

    Blue Man clip art Free Vector / 4Vector


    Image Credit: ClipArts

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    Bubble Video 


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    Video on How to Speak so that People want to Listen Ted.com Talk Julian Treasure 

    Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

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    Sooper.com Articles 

    I copied

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    SEO Content Writing Tips 

    The box below contains a mix of RSS feeds from SEO content writing professionals.

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    Syndicate Your RSS Feeds for SEO Value 

    Do you want to help your blog’s search engine rankings?

    You are in luck. You’re going to learn how to increase the SEO value of your press releases and other content.

    Don’t worry, it’s not very difficult. It’ll be a little time consuming in the beginning but it’ll be worth the effort.

    Reading RSS Feeds

    An orange man reading an RSS feed.

    What I’m going to discuss now is RSS feeds. The technology provides free search engine optimization for your website.

    SEO with Real Simple Syndication

    RSS, has become the first choice for delivering syndicated web content throughout the Internet. Many press release distribution networks enjoy a large amount of webmasters that syndicate content every day.

    Webmasters syndicate feeds because they want free content for their web properties. In fact, there are more than a few plugins and widgets which are designed to provide fresh content for almost every content management system.

    Have you ever wondered how some of the large news and content sites deliver their headlines?

    Have you ever wanted to syndicate your own content? RSS may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

    RSS is an XML format specifically designed to share content. Netscape originally developed RSS to distribute news headlines and then abandoned the concept due to the lack of popularity. In recent years RSS has become the standard for content syndication.

    RSS syndication has allowed for smaller content providers to gain exposure and increase their news and content distribution. The increased exposure has evened the playing field for content providers.

    Consider syndicating your content if you wish to increase your exposure! Simply create RSS feeds and make the feeds available for syndication.

    The good news is, you submit your feeds to feed distribution platforms only one time. Your feed will automatically refresh as soon as you publish new content.

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    How To Spot Lies Using a Person’s Body Language 

    3 Scientific Tips to Detect Lying | How to Spot Lies Using Body Language

    This video on how to spot a liar is eye opening.  It’s well worth the few minutes it takes to view the content from beginning to end.

    If there is someone in your life that you believe lies to you on a regular basis, you may want to view this video a couple times.  I watched it three times!

    I know this content doesn’t have anything to do with press release writing or distribution , But it may help you with your business.

    Please try to keep an open mind.  I understand you want to do an SEO content writer as soon as possible.  But your business is important too.

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    The Future of Content 

    Red Arrows Pointing Left & Right

    The invention of radio changed the way content was created by brands and television changed it again not long afterward.  Now the Internet is once again changing the way brand managers think about and produce content for the masses.

    Another change that challenges brand managers is they are now competing with powerful bloggers some of which are attracting consumers away from companies that have invested millions of dollars in content.  It’s a level playing field now.

    Everyone has to be creative today.  Deep pockets no longer control what consumers read and watch.  Brands have to figure out not only how to create SEO content, but how to distribute and repurpose content.

    To engage the right audience through content, brands must be authentic, credible, and find ways to leverage consumers’ existing digital habits. On top of that, brands are also charged with becoming storytellers and publishers, according to an expert panel at MDC SXSW, an event MDC Partners hosted at SXSW.

    Andrew Hicky

    Content consumption occurs in many different formats.  For example, some consumers enjoy podcasts while others prefer video content.  Then there are people that would rather download a PDF file to read offline.

    It’s not going to get easier for publishers.  Many are going to throw in the towel then change careers for a less challenging position.



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