The Future of Content

Red Arrows Pointing Left & Right

The invention of radio changed the way content was created by brands and television changed it again not long afterward.  Now the Internet is once again changing the way brand managers think about and produce content for the masses.

Another change that challenges brand managers is they are now competing with powerful bloggers some of which are attracting consumers away from companies that have invested millions of dollars in content.  It’s a level playing field now.

Everyone has to be creative today.  Deep pockets no longer control what consumers read and watch.  Brands have to figure out not only how to create SEO content, but how to distribute and repurpose content.

To engage the right audience through content, brands must be authentic, credible, and find ways to leverage consumers’ existing digital habits. On top of that, brands are also charged with becoming storytellers and publishers, according to an expert panel at MDC SXSW, an event MDC Partners hosted at SXSW.

Andrew Hicky

Content consumption occurs in many different formats.  For example, some consumers enjoy podcasts while others prefer video content.  Then there are people that would rather download a PDF file to read offline.

It’s not going to get easier for publishers.  Many are going to throw in the towel then change careers for a less challenging position.